March 15, 2022

#60 - Don't Hold Back Unleash Your Personal Brand with Dr Angela Mulrooney

#60 - Don't Hold Back Unleash Your Personal Brand with Dr Angela Mulrooney

We are joined by our guest, Angela Mulrooney who is a retired dentist turned personal branding expert.

How did that happen? Listen to this episode as Angela explains 

"I had built a referral-based, niche dental practice that allowed me to do the dentistry I loved on clients I loved while earning more and working less. I had it all… until I didn’t. 

Overnight, I lost everything after sustaining a career-ending injury that killed my ability to drill.

I had two options:

  • I could keep my practice even though I would never be able to drill again
  • I could sell my practice and find a new path.

I chose option b.

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Dr. Angela Mulrooney is a global speaker, best-selling author, and personal branding expert. She works with thought leaders around the world to clarify their message through their brand archetype while using various media platforms (LinkedIn, podcasts, and the stage) to drive sales so these experts can change the world with what they know.

A few ways to work with Angela: 

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