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Conversations for women entrepreneurs from around the globe who appreciate travel, a healthy lifestyle and are eager to learn tools and resources to grow their business and thrive in their lives. Join Carol and Trish and listen to our podcast Connect. Inspire Create on your fav platform.

Carol is a business coach and marketing consultant helping women find clarity in the early stages of starting their business. She teaches you tools to simplify and save time. Find out more at

Trish is a professional certified life coach who helps successful, determined people encountering an unexpected life struggle, to navigate their challenges, regain their resilience, and come out better on the other side than they were when they started. Both individual and group coaching programs.

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#12 Bits & Bites: It is time to pivot or refocus?

Oct. 12, 2021

Today our focus will be on pivoting within your coaching business. Coach, consultant or strategist - which one do you need to help you in your small business? Pivoting in business Focusing on one thing to finish the year str…

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#26 Life is still feeling different

Oct. 5, 2021

Life is feeling different right now - all world conditions considered. The uncertainty day-to-day, state of global health, global economy, global unrest, global warming! Trish and Carol discuss how we face a new day. Our in…

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#25 Showing up on camera professionally to stay competitive with guest Suzanne Glover

Sept. 28, 2021

Suzanne Glover has been teaching in the professional TV and film industry for over 20 years. Now that there is such a heavy need, she’s been reaching out to audiences outside the film industry to succeed in this new “zoom er…

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#24 Why Words Matter - Effective Communication Skills with Terre Short

Sept. 14, 2021

Welcome to our show, Connect Inspire Create. This week we are chatting with our guest, Terre Short about Why Words Matter - Effective Communication Skills Terre Short is a human potential developer and has been a coach in so…

Guest: Terre Short
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#11 Mindful Bits & Bites: What to do with your million $$ ideas

Sept. 9, 2021

In this episode Carol shares thoughts on how to process your many creative ideas as an entrepreneur. Keep a notebook just for your ideas Give your brain space to be creative Come back to your ideas a few days later and reeva…

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#23 Self-Employment Strategies with our guest Jodi Krangle

Sept. 3, 2021

This week we are chatting with our guest, Jodi Krangle About Self-employment Strategies - how outsourcing has saved my life Being an Introvert & a Business Owner - There's a difference between "being shy" and being an introv…

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In this episode #24 we welcome our guest Terre Short, author of The Words We Choose: Your Guide to How and Why Words Matter, which was named a finalist p…

7 Tips for Dealing with Discouragement in Your Business

How do you deal with the ebb and flow of motivation while running your business? In episode #9, Carol shares 7 tips to help you deal with those fun…