June 14, 2022

#73 Accountability’s Role In Goal Setting And Prioritizing with Trish & Carol

#73 Accountability’s Role In Goal Setting And Prioritizing with Trish & Carol

In this episode we are going to take you behind the scenes of both of our coaching businesses.

Trish and Carol both offer accountability coaching.  Benefits range from focusing on current goals, making progress with intentions and starting fresh habits to move forward and get "unstuck".

Favourite coaching tools include Google docs, Trello for project management, Paperbell for coaching and client management and time blocking on your calendar.

Gretchen Rubin has a framework called Four Tendencies which are:

  • Upholders meet both inner and outer expectations.
  • Questioners question both inner and outer expectations.
  • Obligers resist inner but meet outer expectations.
  • Rebels resist both inner and outer expectations.

They usually say a lot about how clients will respond to accountability coaching.

  • Obligers generally to get the most out of accountability coaching, as they thrive on outer expectations exclusively.
  • Upholders often take on too much, and they often find that an accountability coach can help them prioritize.
  • Questioners can get a lot out of accountability coaching, but only if the coach’s approach makes sense to them.
  • Rebels don’t care about any kind of accountability, so they generally respond best to “sounding board” type coaching.

Curious? You can  take and interpret the Four Tendencies Quiz

Meet your hosts:
I’m Carol, an accountability coach helping women entrepreneurs around the globe reach goals in their business.  I offer consulting packages tailored to find your way through the overwhelm. Visit carolclegg.com

I am Trish….I’m Trish and I'm a professional life coach with a focus on your best life balance: how good habits like time-blocking to your core values, setting firm boundaries, and learning to say NO can free you up and get you moving on to your next big plan! You can find out more at healthylifemindset.com

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