June 7, 2022

#72 Better listening: Tools to respond and NOT react with Carol & Trish

#72 Better listening: Tools to respond and NOT react with Carol & Trish

This week we are revisiting a popular episode from 2021 on concepts to choose to react or respond.

Consider the following :
A reaction is about the moment whereas a response is about the outcome. 

Understanding how my emotions drive my decisions will improve relationships,  productivity, and possibilities. 

Tips from Trish

  • Starts with listening CAREFULLY to the other person.
  • Or if you’re the first to speak, as a “learning” question to warm them up.
  • “It’s obvious you’re upset. Can you tell me what’s wrong?”
  • If they become angry or hostile, we can schedule a later time to talk.
  • If they offer a calm response, we can take a slow deep breath and say,
  • “Let me see if I’ve got that… you are angry because…” and then we ask     “is there more?”    They may have more, may not. We summarize and ask “have I got that right?” 

BETTER LISTENING is really at the core with this example of reacting and responding in a way that can more successfully manage or control our emotions in the moment.      

Meet your hosts of Connect Inspire Create

I am Carol, your goal accountability coach and the founder of Lisbon Retreats, offering creative business masterminds in Portugal and 1:1 strategy coaching packages for women entrepreneurs.

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Trish is a professional certified life coach who helps successful, determined people encountering an unexpected life struggle, to navigate their challenges, regain their resilience, and come out better on the other side than they were when they started. Both individual and group coaching programs. www.healthylifemindset.com 

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