April 2, 2021

#14 Gathering Around the Table: A Story of Purpose-driven Change through Business with our guest Kari Warberg Block

#14 Gathering Around the Table: A Story of Purpose-driven Change through Business with our guest Kari Warberg Block

This week we are chatting with Kari Warberg Block,  author, award-winner, business owner and product inventor.

Kari is the author of the brand new book Gathering Around the Table: A Story of Purpose-Driven Change Through Business. 


On her personal blog One of a Kind Achievers, Kari shares insightful discoveries made along her entrepreneurial journey as the leader of EarthKind and her passion for serving others. Underneath her words, you’ll find a soul that consciously cares for the well-being of the planet and all its inhabitants. Kari lives in North Carolina with her husband Jim and their rescue dog Benny on a little corner of the earth she is happy to call her own and share with the local wildlife. 

Read Kari's blog post   https://www.kariwarbergblock.com/the-power-of-diversity/

 And find out more about Kari at kariwarbergblock.com

Books we are reading at the moment:
Change your World by John Maxwell and Rob Hoskins
Looking at Mindfulness: 25 paintings to change the way you live by Christophe Andre
The Beautiful No by Sheri Salata
The Women's Retreat by Jennifer Louden

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I am Carol, a small business mentor and host of Lisbon Retreats (September 2021) My Motivate Mastermind Club includes online co-working sessions to encourage women to connect and know that they are not alone. I love the comradery in our community of women of all ages and different stages of their business. www.lisbonretreats.com 

Katalin joins us from Lisbon and teaches online yoga classes, as well as workshops and online courses to deal with overwhelm and anxiety. Her mission is to help women create more balance and space in their lives, so they can thrive doing what they love unapologetically. Her motto is: Make yourself a priority by doing less and being more. Find out more at yogawithkatalin.com

Trish is a professional certified life coach who helps successful, determined people encountering an unexpected life struggle, to navigate their challenges, regain their resilience, and come out better on the other side. She works with both individuals and groups. www.healthylifemindset.com 

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Kari Warberg Block


Kari Warberg Block has always been a fierce protector – first as a mother and farmer, and now as an inventor, entrepreneur and grandmother. Drawing her inspiration from nature, she grew up understanding and respecting the delicate balance of our precious ecosystem, and that is always top of mind as she builds the purpose driven EarthKind brand in harmony with the earth and all living things. Kari says she never imagined a shampoo commercial would awake an environmentally-conscious beast within her soul,” and could have never predicted that her trust in the environment would lead her down the path of starting and then running a multimillion-dollar pest control product line. She’s just published her first book called “Gathering Around the Table: A Story of Purpose-driven Change through Business”