Dec. 18, 2021

Episode 46 All Good Things Begin with your Mindset with Shawna Schuh

Episode 46 All Good Things Begin with your Mindset with Shawna Schuh

If you’re ready to rekindle your curiosity and look at the world around you with a fresh view, then you’re going to enjoy this episode with our special guest, Shawna Schuh. Her bio reveals she’s a lifetime adventurer, entertainer, and leadership expert. Her website says she helps leaders evolve. Shawna Schuh is a leadership coach and speaker, and if your goal is clearer communication with other humans – your co-workers, your sales team, your family, your friends – it’s her expertise!

Among the highlights from this episode, Schuh shares…

  • How we create our day by the way we think
  • Why everything we wish for is within us.
  • Why we should watch the questions we ask ourselves.
  • How to ask ourselves the right questions.

Schuh reminds us that while the best leaders often won’t think twice about investing in better or newer technology, many fail to invest in their most important asset of all: themselves and their teams! “When you do the work to make yourself and your organization clear communicators who focus solely on what you want and how to get it,” says Schuh, “you’ll save valuable time and money!”

Schuh also coaches on overcoming feelings of imposter syndrome and fear, and has published a free eBook on the subject. 

She’s dynamic, energetic, and encouraging. We enjoyed having her on the show and you’re going to enjoy her wisdom!

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