Dec. 7, 2021

#31 All good things begin with your mindset with our guest Shawna Schuh

#31 All good things begin with your mindset with our guest Shawna Schuh

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I’m Trish Kinney. a certified life coach with a focus on how our eating habits directly affect our general happiness and state of mind. There is a scientific link between your eating habits and your state of mind.
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Are you ready to rekindle your curiosity, look at the world around you a little differently, then you’re in the right place today with our fabulous guest, Lifetime Adventurer, Entertainer, & Leadership Expert Shawna Schuh.

  • You create your day by the way you think! 
  • Everything is within you.
  • Are you asking the right questions?
  • Watch the questions that you are asking yourself!

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Books we are reading:
Leadership is Language: David Marquet
The Power of Full Engagement: Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz
The Confident Coach: Melinda Cohan
Feeling Great: Dr David Burns

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