June 28, 2022

#75 How to Be Patient in a World of Instant Gratification with Carol and Trish

#75 How to Be Patient in a World of Instant Gratification with Carol and Trish

How to be patient in a world of instant gratification. Here are some tips we shared.

  • Watching the urges and allowing a pause/delay - put some space in between.
  • Each decision is best made consciously, instead of just trying to gratify our desires.
  • Learn over time. There will be many times when you give in to your urges — that’s OK. We all do it. There’s nothing wrong with giving in sometimes, but the key is to see how that makes you feel afterward, and learn whether the decision was a good one or not.
  • Acknowledging the time actually needed to reach certain goals can be helpful when you’re feeling discouraged. 

There are several strategies you can work on that will help you increase your ability to wait for delayed gratification. Start small. Delay gratification for only a short amount of time, then increase the time incrementally. You can also make rules regarding purchases, such as giving yourself a “waiting period” between when you see something you like and when you buy it. Finally, don’t forget to practice gratitude and remind yourself of your goals – there’s a reason you want delayed gratification.

 If we don’t stick with something through the impatience and the anxiety and the self-doubt and the self-sabotage, we’ll miss the gift of the process! We’ll miss the actual gift of the OUTCOME! Our dream as it were… Also that knowing when it’s time to just stop and set our pride aside… THIS is a courageous decision itself. To know we’re not progressing and to stop not necessarily knowing what our next dream or plan is.

When you’re feeling especially anxious or impatient - whether it’s not meeting a weight loss goal as quickly as you’d like, being passed up for a promotion or - as in my own case, hitting the one year mark on my home-building project - I love to ask the question: “What is true?” The idea is to look for the gifts in the process itself. In spite of feeling impatient, what gifts has the journey or process revealed? In what ways have you grown, and what have you learned in the process?

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