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Real Deal Content Coaching with Mary Kate Gulick.

I’m Mary Kate Gulick, Founder of Real Deal Content Coaching, Amazon bestselling author, and award-winning, 20-year content marketing veteran.
I came up through the ranks at digital marketing agencies and in Fortune 500 marketing departments. Most recently, I led the category-crushing, award-snagging, game-changing digital and content marketing team at TD Ameritrade Institutional and the creative team at a Midwest ad agency that’s 100% focused on bringing attention to changemakers – nonprofits, community-focused financial institutions, health care organizations – you know, the good guys.

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits and global enterprises do one critical thing—share their unique know-how in a way that solved problems for people.

And while working at agencies and big companies was fun, it wasn’t enough for me.

Stop overcomplicating things. When it comes down to it, your marketing as an entrepreneur needs to accomplish two things: 1) FIND YOUR PEOPLE. 2) TALK TO THEM. That’s it. There are a million ways to accomplish this, but it’s not about the tactics. It’s about accomplishing those 2 simple things.

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