Dec. 16, 2021

Episode 45 Find your Happiness Mindset with Romana Hasenohrl

Episode 45 Find your Happiness Mindset with Romana Hasenohrl

When we learned she had founded a Facebook group in 2020 called "Happiness Reloaded" and then subsequently launched a series of online networking workshops to support “everyone impacted by the Covid restrictions” – we knew Romona Hasenohrl would be one very inspiring guest! 

A native of Salzburg, Austria and a natural-born writer, Romona began writing stories for magazines and newspapers at the age of 20. Until 2020 she was also a long-term traveler who, in “normal years”, would travel 3-4 months a year in her Volkswagen Bus, connecting with others along the way and encouraging them to be brave and seek out their own dreams. 

Then in 2003 Romona survived a harrowing accident during a skydiving descent. “It was the first time in my life it occurred to me that life can end within a moment,” she said. 

As she began talking about her accident she discovered how many of them feared the subject, and realized her experience had presented a unique opportunity to offer support and some answers to address these types of fears.

Soon after this life-changing event, Romona went on to study astrology and psychology, where she was able to study more about fear, life crises and life changes, and decided on the “Happiness Mindset” and “Tools for Crises” as the focus for her work. 

To date, Romona has published eight books and is currently working on a ninth. It was a joy to meet her and we know you’ll enjoy this episode! Listen here