Aug. 15, 2021

7 Tips for Dealing with Discouragement in Your Business

How do you deal with the ebb and flow of motivation while running your business? In episode #9, Carol shares 7 tips to help you deal with those funky days when you are feeling discouraged.

We all know what this feels like!  Some days are just peachy perfect. Tons of motivation and ready to get going. And then there are days that you wonder why. It's completely normal to feel uninspired.

#1 Changing up your environment

It could simply be moving to a different space in your home or venture out to a co-working space

#2 Move 

A walk outside, exercise, yoga

#3 Create a plan and write things down

Let your brain take a rest

#4 Make progress with small tasks 

Grab your free planner here

#5 Allow time to be creative

#6 Take a look at your schedule and routine, make one while you're in a funk

#7 Rest

Maybe that looks like taking a social media break for a few days.

Try to turn the negative around and celebrate your accomplishments either weekly or daily by writing them down in a journal.




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