Nov. 22, 2022

93: How to Quieten that Inner Voice of Self-Doubt with Candy Motzek

93: How to Quieten that Inner Voice of Self-Doubt with Candy Motzek

My guest today is Candy Motzek.

Listen in as we chat about how to quieten that inner critic.  There are seasons for everyone in their business when we hear that inner voice shout - you shouldn’t even try - you can’t do this. That inner critic that jumps out at us and stops us from moving forward but there are ways to quieten that voice!

Candy is a best-selling author podcast host of the show She Coaches Coaches, and life & business coach for coaches. Candy helps smart people start successful coaching businesses. She believes that coaching transforms lives and that being a coach is a calling. She helps coaches get unstuck & feel more confident so they can play bigger, sign clients & create more meaningful success. She is a 'recovering' corporate
executive & engineer who combines practical strategy & mindset in her calming unique approach.

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Website: do stop by Candy’s site and take the quiz - what’s your perfect coaching niche!

Products and services: - Online Coach Business Academy Free resource library for coaches

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