March 22, 2022

#61 - Outa Your Head. Into Your Life with Trish Kinney

#61 - Outa Your Head. Into Your Life with Trish Kinney

How about trading anxiety for action! Here are a few tips to help you with your daily rituals to keep you motivated and stay ahead!

Does that pang of anxiety hit you most mornings before you've even set one foot on the floor? These simple, awesome habits will get you out of bed and swap that dread and doubt with more intention and "feel good" action. Let's get into your "now" - and keep you there!

I’m Trish and I am a professional life coach with a focus on what I call the “best life action hacks ” - to get you off the launch pad and into orbit with your life plans. Head to and sign up for my Small Circle groups - two sessions are just $99. In small groups of 4 participants, I share how you can time-block to do more of what you love, set boundaries and say NO so you can really get moving on your next big plans and goals; even which “top 5 foods” improve your mood and keep you focused. These are my clients’ favorite life hacks and I’m sharing them with you. So join me!

Welcome to our podcast where we hope to inspire you with conversations with our guests from around the globe fortnightly, as we cover a variety of topics including positive mindset practices, work-life balance skills, as well as best marketing practices and resources to help you grow your business! Join Carol, a marketing consultant and strategy coach and myself, Trish a work-life balance and life transition coach, and enjoy Connect. Inspire Create on your fav platform.