Oct. 5, 2021

#37 Life is still feeling different

#37 Life is still feeling different

Life is feeling different right now - all world conditions considered.

The uncertainty day-to-day, state of global health, global economy, global unrest, global warming! 

Trish and Carol discuss how we face a new day.  Our individual mindsets and attitudes that we apply to approach each day’s new challenges with calm, patience and a healthy level of positivity.

We include a few inevitable "human" pain points with possible solutions and tools that work for us.

  • grace
  • where are you on a scale from 1 to 10 ?
  • community

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Carol  0:16  
Welcome, everybody who is joining our show, it is lovely to be back with you. Trish, I think it's been a while as we've had so many guests on our show, Trish and I just haven't had a chance to jump in and share what's going on in our lives and what we're thinking and what's happening in our businesses and some of the pauses that we're needing to take. But you are listening to both of us here on Connect, inspire, create, and I am Carol, a business coach and a marketing consultant, helping women just get clarity in the early stages of entrepreneurship. And I offer support through my motivate mastermind coaching club, and I am joined with my co-host Trish, who is a professional certified life coach, so needed in these times who helped determine people navigate their big life hurdles and come out stronger on the other side.

Trish  1:37  
Yes, with an emphasis on anxiety and fatigue in this day and age. That's what our sessions focus on. Right.

Carol  1:44  
And I think that's kind of what we wanted to talk about today. We've got so many things to talk about. 

Trish  2:15  
Yes, that's what I think, Carol, you and I were talking right before we hit record. And I think it's a perfect topic right now. You're feeling it, I'm feeling it. So I'm guessing maybe one or two other women, men, people are feeling it, which is the return, or maybe it never left, the continuous uncertainty at a higher level, than a lot of us have felt probably in our lives. And the new normal, you know, I'm kind of tired of saying the new normal, nothing feels normal if we're going to use the word normal. So I'm just going to say that learning to adapt to the uncertainty as quickly as possible, and learning to have grace with

Carol  2:59  
 To say that word grace, I think that there's so much that we talk about with the MIS communication, the misunderstandings, and then we allow that to percolate in our brain and then put things into certain categories. But I know that one of the things we wanted to talk about was, you know, basically facing each day and waking up. How do you approach you know, you've shared a note with me about approaching each day as new challenges with calm and patience in a pretty healthy level of positivity with we don't always have an eye. 

Trish  4:01  
I guess we talked about this about a year ago, Carol in our mastermind group was where are we at from a one to a 10 in terms of how we feel energetically and when I say that I mean energy. And I wake up in the morning and I pretty much do that without even thinking I wake up and go How do I feel and honestly I have been dragging lately and so on. My mind goes to, what can I do about that way? 

Carol  5:11  
Yes, and I love you know, it's important, what you said is to find what works for you, and to cultivate what's necessary to support the life that you are trying to create. And that goes for our listeners as well. It's not a one size fits all by any means. And I do remember I love that when you shared that number, looking at a number in the day, and where does that put you on the scale. But there are a couple of things that I'm finding, actually, that community is so important right now. And for me, has been in because we're back online, has been in a business sense, I have chosen to participate in one commitment that I've signed up for, which is supporting me in business and has a community side. 

Trish  6:49  
Yep, exactly. And when you said giving and receiving, what came to my mind was I seem to go back to center with myself go back to balance with my coaching work. It's always been so important to me to just say, how close can I get to my center to where I feel just right. And the truth is rarely, I guess. So. With balance, though, when when you talk about give and take in groups, Carol, with balance to me, that's we're so off-balance as a society right now, that is a real struggle for me. And I love that you brought that up, because, you know, are we giving enough to others? Most women are giving too much, let's be honest. And that's where I work with clients on where can you find your center? Where can you give to your community? I love what you said.  And we need to give to others to a degree to a degree.

Unknown Speaker  7:57  
 filling yourself up so that you can pour into others. It's such a cliche, saying, but it's so true. Because if we don't do something that takes care of ourselves. And I think on that note, it's always perhaps important to let the others know that are in our circle, whether it be our family, our significant other, whoever is with us that I need X amount of time, and this is me time. And I'm requesting that you respect it, that I can.

Carol  10:03  
Absolutely. So six months from now, what would you wish you had spent time on today?

So I've pushed myself into doing something that I've committed to and that's hosting a new room on Clubhouse on a Thursday, it's called gratitude and goals, scribe it and say it because they said the importance of writing down what you want, what your goals are writing down your gratitude, but then speaking it. So you know, if you speak to others, or you just say it aloud to the mirror and say to yourself, so I'm pulling myself back into that to come back to gratitude.  I'm going to commit to that, because part of the purpose behind that is I need to focus more on gratitude, and if that's going to hold me accountable, and I think that's sometimes something that we all need is accountability.

Trish  13:00  
And that's I put that in our notes today, you and I is, and it's a big part of coaching. And it's a big part of my own. I mean, to myself, I hope I try to hold myself accountable.  And so many of us, myself included, do a lot of that. And at what point are we going to act? That's what I put in the notes for you and I this morning? At what point are we going to hold ourselves accountable? And that's why with coaching, and I know you do this to with your clients? What's your action step? What's the first thing you're going to do this week? Yeah, so I love that.

Carol  14:04  
And I think you know, motivation comes from taking action because we feel we've got no motivation or we wake up and move with it. We just take that one baby step in the direction and then feel accomplished. And one of the other things I've added to this, this gratitude room on a Thursday, is at the end of the day, asking yourself what did I do well today that will serve as a positive reflection when we go to sleep.

Trish  15:38  
Exactly. And I have a trigger tool. Times have changed advice has changed. I'm sure a lot of it comes full circle again. You know, you'll hear from experts that you should not go to sleep with a device in your room, you should not go to sleep. I disagree. If you're worrying, if you're worrying, here's a tool. I put on a positive podcast on my phone. 

Carol  17:02  
I love listening to stories. And I'm I use headspace. I have their app on my phone. 

Carol  18:48  
Absolutely. Because you know, there is no matter whether we're a morning or a night person, our brain is at its most creative when we wake up because it's rested. 

Trish  19:09  
Absolutely. And if I may add, I love this subject. I love the brain. I'm fascinated with it. The idea of Are you a morning person? Are you a night person? Do you take naps? What are your habits? And I'm a firm believer, Carol in acknowledging what you are at different times of our life. This all ties into the growth mindset by Carol Dweck. 

Carol  20:45  
Absolutely. But well, Trish and I know there were other things that we've wanted to bring in, you know, some of the things like breathing the mantras, the meditation, are you drinking enough water I? Yeah, it's just it's interesting, I keep coming back to this accountability. 

Trish  21:22  
And getting to that state of calm. I mean, the subject for today, when we began was the subject of uncertainty in our world anxiety. You know, some of us manage that better. Others like me, are incredibly type A my whole life, I've had to really struggle to get back to that state of calm again, clarity. 

Carol  25:12  
But at the same time, if we get to come out of that, we need to take action. 

Trish  25:46  
I think I'll just pick one out from our many different you know, tips and tools today from our conversation, Carol. Really think about taking some deep breaths, no matter where you are, I always go back to simplicity. I am not drinking enough water. Right? Everyone knows you need to drink water, do it. Drink water today, Trish. So pick one thing that's my that's my best tip of the day, pick one thing,

Trish  26:23  
If you're in line at the grocery store, if you're stuck in traffic, if you just had a harsh word with your husband, your child stop and breathe, you can do it anywhere. And same thing with water, take it with you drink it. That's what I'm leaving people with today, simply. How about you, Carol?

Carol  26:43  
Well, I know from my side, my focus is marketing. I just love to discover new things. And there's something that I'm pretty excited about that I discovered that LinkedIn has recently released is the ability to schedule a meeting directly in your messaging part of LinkedIn, you can do that on your phone, and you can do that on the desktop. 

Absolutely. And not overwhelmed. So thank you everybody who has been listening to our show. If you have enjoyed what you've heard Trish and myself talk about today, I'd love for you to share it with your friends. You'll find us on any of the favorite podcast platforms. And if you have something to share that's of value with our audience. pop over to our website. It's the name of our podcast connectinspirecreate.com and you can leave us a voicemail or you can send us a message so until the next show, Have a beautiful day. 

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