Nov. 20, 2020

#4 Simplify your Business over the Holidays and Stop the Overwhelm

#4 Simplify your Business over the Holidays and Stop the Overwhelm

Conversations with women entrepreneurs from around the globe. Join Carol, Katalin and Trish as we share wisdom to help you balance your life and grow your business.

This week Carol, Katalin and Trish talk about simplifying the focus in your business and stopping the overwhelm both for yourself and your clients for the last few weeks of 2020.

Katalin joins us from Lisbon and teaches online yoga classes, as well as workshops and online courses to deal with overwhelm and anxiety. Her mission is to help women create more balance and space in their lives, so they can thrive doing what they love unapologetically. Her motto is: Make yourself a priority by doing less and being more. Find out more at and her FearLess course content

Trish is a professional certified life coach who helps successful, determined people encountering an unexpected life struggle, to navigate their challenges, regain their resilience, and come out better on the other side than they were when they started. Both individual and group coaching programs. 

and I am Carol, the founder of Lisbon Retreats, offering creative coworking masterminds in Portugal and I host the Motivate Mastermind Club for women solopreneurs. My mission is to encourage women to feel confident about their business goals and tell their story. Mindset 1:1 mentoring

If you are dreaming of  travelling to Portugal to focus on yourself and creativity for your business visit Lisbon Retreats for my upcoming retreat in September 2021


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I am your host Carol Clegg. As a small business coach, I partner with women solopreneurs in midlife, to confidently step out of overwhelm and create a fresh path to success through tailored accountability and mindset coaching, integrated with the powerful Positive Intelligence program. Struggling with procrastination, finding balance in your business and personal life, and cultivating a positive mindset?

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Speaker 1:

Hello, this is Kathleen

Speaker 2:

I'm Trish and I am Carol. Welcome to our connect, inspire, create live broadcast and podcasts , connecting women from around the globe.

Speaker 1:

Wow ,

Speaker 2:

Good morning. Here we are on Friday with our live checks and it's not morning for all of us. As we say that we are three women entrepreneurs from around the globe and we literally are. The Kotlin is joining us from Portugal. What have you had happened in your day to day cuddlin besides your gorgeous beach that you have right there?

Speaker 3:

Actually, I just came back and I was really rushed to came back in time because now that they start shorter, I have to go out, but morning is my very productive time. So I started with my morning ritual, then work, and then I run rent to the beach . Also my TOSA CSN day .

Speaker 2:

That's wonderful with my wine cap or with my coffee. I'm testing your wine. I'm missing my coffee this morning. I've had my first cup, but , um, my, my special coffee maker is not here right now. He's gone flying. So Trish, how about you? How are things up in Montana? Well, you guys were telling me that before the show that it was so beautiful and sunny where you are, and in Montana it's been dark and cloudy and I have had some wildlife. I had a beautiful buck come through the yard this morning and I'm one of those people I'm going to get in trouble because I throw apples out and we're not supposed to feed them, but, but I love it. I love to see them. And it's winter. Exactly. They got to get their food somewhere, so right . It's wonderful. Well, here we are on a Friday and wrapping up a week and I, I know that a lot of people are feeling the burnout and the overwhelm and we, what are we six weeks until the end of the year? And I keep hearing that simplify, you know , simplify. And I think that's becoming really important because I think our clients are also overwhelmed. Um, I think that they need us to be talking to them with a simple message that they can hear us in the noise. So I don't Catlin hallway . What are you finding? That's helping you simplify your strategies and just kind of, I know we've got a focus on 2021, but we can still simplify. Yes .

Speaker 3:

Well asking this it's been quite a big issue last weeks because I didn't reach anything I planned this year. I did reach something else, but of course you want your , uh , to reach your goals, right? So I decided to let go of all my expectations I had for this year and just go and try to deliver really valuable content for my audience, with my 30 day advent calendar and be there for those who need help, calming their mind and releasing stress and balancing they're rebalancing their life.

Speaker 2:

And that looks like a fabulous new tool. And it's just, I just think that's so clever and just to appropriate. And where will people find that advent calendar, if they are wanting to sign up, when will you be launching that?

Speaker 3:

It's actually on my webpage since last night. That's not 100%, but they can already sign up and it starts on gender. Uh, January, December 1st.

Speaker 2:

There we go. So I am just popping in the bottom here. If you do want to see where to find Katelyn , not only is she launching her new course in January, but to find any of the offers that she has. Yeah . Thanks Tracy . Look for when they do the YouTube and they're like, look up lovely that there you go. Yeah. It's funny. I was listening to a meditation. I have to just share this now because we laughing and it was a 32nd meditation and she said, I want you to, I want you to laugh. So imagine I'm tickling you, you couldn't help, but just thoughts that how important laughter is for us and how good that is. But Trish, how, what are you finding that you're doing to simplify? Well, I , yes, yes, you guys. I agree with laughter 100% and Katelyn , I love your advent calendar idea. I love that. I think it's a great way to draw people. I would be interested to look each day, you know, kind of on what your positive messages. So I think that's a great way we can all connect. Um, and I guess one thing I'm doing, we talked about was the winter boost , um, which is just a free women's gathering. It's my December 7th is full. Um, but I'm going to add another small group just to gather and connect. And you talked about planning, you know, my sister-in-law told me recently there was a great message. Um, what was the worst purchase I made this year? I saw your post . I mean, you don't even need a planner because plan, right? So this subject is so good today. You guys, because to plan for 2021, you know, it's to be kind to ourselves it's to , um, really support one another and to just believe that we can create a new plan in the year ahead. Absolutely. And I mean, I think we've all shown commitment. I mean, we've all, you know, we've kept at it 20, 20 up and down. Good and bad, you know, losing hope. And then coming back again, we've had to apply flexibility , um, to our plans, but I think, you know, what Katlin is doing is focusing on one thing and Trish you're doing something similar. How did people sign up or get added to your, the waitlist for your boost went to boost colds with email . Yeah, I appreciate you asking. So either comments below, you can holler down below on our comments here or go to LinkedIn and connect with me, or I did posting it on my Facebook page too. So, and then I reach out through any one of those avenues. I can email them or text them. So yeah , yeah. Yep . No, I agree. And I think part of my simplifying strategy is to unhappy . I have said this before, and it's always been so tempting when you're on different platforms and different social media that you kind of want to keep the, keep the presence up on all of them, but I'm really going to, yeah. I really feel that LinkedIn is my place. And you know, if one doesn't nurture your audience and build a relationship , um, I just feel that you spread thin over all the platforms and we want to be real. We want to be authentic. I mean, we really do want to get to know these, the people that we're talking to. Um, and so one of the things I'm trying art is doing videos in , um, you know, direct messages to new people that have recently connected with. And I just feel that's a chance to kind of get to know a little more about me. How do you like that, Carol? What do you, how is that going? What do you think of that? Try that just with the, and you can only do it on your phone and the messages, you know, short and sweet, but I , I, you know, that I have my creative woman's LinkedIn group, which is so difficult to keep going in comparison to a Facebook , um , Katelyn, I know you have a very active Facebook group , um, which is wonderful. And people can find that if they go to Catlin's , am I correct? Your Facebook page, would there then be able to find your group, join the group or checkout so that , um, so yeah , we would have that, but yeah, I think the LinkedIn is, is kind of hard work. I said, and I know people might disagree, but I just think it's, it's quite authentic. And , um, yeah , that's the part that I'm getting to know so much about that person, because you're seeing their posts, you see who they're connected with, you know, the bio that they put up, if they feature in the top part, some of their posts or their blogs or their products that they're selling. I know an awful lot more about somebody in a very short space of time. What feedback am I getting? Um, I'm finding a lot of the people are joining the group. And so it's encouraging them not to use that group as a collaboration platform. And , um, you know , once again, LinkedIn, we hope in we'll change the way their groups function to make it a lot easier. But it's, once again, you've got to dig down and remember to go back. So I think tagging people in posts, if you have a LinkedIn group , um, you know , will at least create activity as much as I really do appreciate Facebook. And it feels like community to me, it feels like we can really be ourselves. One thing I love about LinkedIn myself is with the coaching practice. It's a PR it's more of a understood professional focused venue. So I definitely feel for myself that, like you said, in LinkedIn, there's a quick connection and an understanding that it's most likely business-related . And I like that different Avenue versus Facebook, which is also good, but more personal. And I think, you know, Trish , you have personally a very active, personal Facebook page. Yeah . So that is, that is certainly worth it , you know, using that Avenue. Um, and I think we're each and everyone is different and that's, what's important because you've got to ask the question, what media is your audience interacting with you on? And so is that not, you know, where one should be interacting. So if it be your newsletter, you know, if you get a lot of response from your newsletter or you post blog posts and you get response from your blog posts is, you know, you've gotta be hanging out where, where your audience is hanging out. Um, but what would you give us your advice to your clients, Trish, to help them simplify? Cause you're doing your life coaching. What would you use as a S as a strategy for these last six weeks to help them? I often go right to myself. What am I feeling? What am I not, not to sound completely selfish. But , um, when I know the way, the word permission has been coming up in conversations a lot for me and telling my sister, who's caring for her , uh, you know, grandchildren right now and working full time . That's a lot of women out there. So giving ourselves permission to stop breathe, Katelyn can speak a lot about this. I'm not beating myself up with a lot of the open time I have that I didn't use to have I'm . I am doing some studying and research and taking some courses, but at the same time, it's okay to enjoy ourselves. It's okay to do a little more. I mean, my goodness. So much of our lives has been a lot of work in the past. So why not take this time if we're lucky enough to, you know, to relax, to learn how to relax, because I go to replace the anxiety often, if I'm not busy and I'm learning to relax and read a book, or that's what I would say to my clients is find that we call it time, blocking lockout , time for yoga, for a training, for , um , a walk.

Speaker 3:

And I have to add something here because this is something that's really worked out very well for me. If there are thoughts that keep coming back, something that worries you, something that pushes your energy down, but you can't really change it. I had the time Friday three o'clock. I asked my thoughts to come back Friday at three o'clock because I will then have time to, to take time for them. I love it . So every day at the beginning, I found myself telling this 10 times, please come back Friday at three o'clock. And as I was thinking about it, Friday three o'clock, then I was really taking time to think about it, if not, they had another week,

Speaker 2:

But you guys , I have a perfect example. You know, I have sent my possible or for renewal and it hasn't come back yet. And we have booked travel for the 1st of January, very optimistic, but we look like we might be able to travel. And I was asked last night, well, what are you going to do? If you don't have your passport back, that I'm not worrying about it right now. Nothing I can do about it . It's not to be in time and then fabulous. And we'll deal with everything else that belongs to that, which is not going to be back in time. But there's nothing I can do right now. So yeah, I'll leave that bowl a couple of Fridays from now. See, but letting go of some of those habits, that's what I'm hearing from. Both of you is come back later. I love that come back next week, or put my troubles tomorrow at three schedule that I love. So we do want to remind everybody who is watching that we all converting this live chat into a podcast, and you can see that is just an awesome example of collaboration and encouraging other businesswoman . Step into it, stepping up track. We didn't intend to have this all polished and go. We're doing a podcast with this. It was just that we can create why not to throw it. You just do that . We were just jabbering before yoga, before capital and led us in yoga. Right. Carol. And this was Carol's idea. And so we realized that we're so good at, I mean, our conversations are so fascinating. Let's face it. You have to share them with the world. No, but I love that Carol took the courage to do this and now we get to do it. It's so much fun. So you'll find us on our podcast and Trisha I'm you w you had something a bit, anybody have any questions for us, or that we've skipped something that they might want to ask us? Yes, we can. We wanted to remind everybody. They can put them in the comments below. That's something that was new to us, but I know when we listen to podcasts or watch live cast , that people can comment. So don't hesitate. If something sounds interesting, if there's a topic that you would love to see us discuss, I'm sure we're feeling it. So share it. And maybe we'll talk about it next time. Absolutely. Yep . Lovely. And so just to encourage everybody who's up there that , um , you will get through this it's commitment, flexibility community. We need each other, and hence the different products and things that we offer my mastermind. That's opening up in January, which will be a membership. And you can find out more about that at Lisbon retreats. Trish is doing her winter boost calls now, and she is available for one-on-one coaching. And Katelyn has a host of awesome products, both Tricia and I participate in her yoga, which is wonderful. And teaching us breathing and meditation. She has her course launching in January. So we've got a lot to offer and a lot to encourage you with. So do check out the websites. Um, as I've mentioned, we've , you've seen them in the banner. So you might have to rewind if you want to go back, but those will be in the show notes for the podcast . Go ahead, Katelyn, go ahead. I just wanted to say , reach out if , if you think that we could reach out, but yeah, we here to help you and it's, you know, we're not charging you for every it's part of community, as part of collaboration, we're here to inspire and help , um , and help you type the next step . And I was going to say that Katelyn and Carol are an important part of my daily life. I mean, with yoga, it's how it is, how we connect. It is how we become friends. And Carol leads our mastermind groups. And I know a lot of folks out there belong to mastermind groups, but if you've never done one, they're amazing. It's a community where you learn not unlike what we're doing right now. So it's wonderful. The bonding and the friendship. I think, you know, we are three very different women. Um, end . We have come together as such difference through three currents , right? Three continents collaborating and working together and supporting each other. And there is this space for everybody. I mean, there is more than enough people in the world to support your business. Um, we were not necessarily, you know , after the same clients, we each offer something different. So lovely ladies go and have a gorgeous weekend and a gorgeous Friday. And , um, we will be back on the, what are we now? This is the third Friday. So we'll be back on the first Friday in December. But as I said, you can always listen to the podcasts and email comments down below . All right. Take care, everyone. Bye. Thank you.