May 7, 2021

#18: Reacting or Responding: You can Choose

#18: Reacting or Responding: You can Choose

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This week we are exploring concepts to choose to react or respond.

Consider the following :
A reaction is about the moment whereas a response is about the outcome. 
Understanding how my emotions drive my decisions will improve relationships,  productivity, and possibilities. 

Tips from Trish

  • Starts with listening CAREFULLY to the other person.
  • Or if you’re the first to speak, as a “learning” question to warm them up.
  • “It’s obvious you’re upset. Can you tell me what’s wrong?”
  • If they become angry or hostile, we can schedule a later time to talk.
  • If they offer a calm response, we can take a slow deep breath and say,
  • “Let me see if I’ve got that… you are angry because…” and then we ask     “is there more?”    They may have more, may not. We summarize and ask “have I got that right?” 

BETTER LISTENING is really at the core with this example of reacting and responding in a way that can more successfully manage or control our emotions in the moment.      

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