May 28, 2021

#21 Start Before You Are Ready Mindful Bits & Bites

#21 Start Before You Are Ready Mindful Bits & Bites

Welcome to mindful bits and bites from the co-hosts of Connect Inspire Create.

I have found what I need to host my courses and products after testing a few and decided that Podia works for me.  It is simple to use, plenty of automation, 0 fees for processing payments and tons of customer support.  I attended a free webinar to walk me through the product and that was what made me decide! Here is a link if you want to explore Podia yourself.  You do get 14 days free.

As Mel Robbins said “Confidence is a skill I’ve built over the years by practicing acts of everyday courage.”

That’s what I did with this free worksheet that I uploaded into Podia. It’s motivating me to take the small steps for my new project that I would like to launch by the end of summer.  Perhaps you’d like to use it to plan next week What can you put it out for your audience next week?