March 26, 2021

#13 Mindful Bits and Bites: Breathing and listening skills

#13 Mindful Bits and Bites: Breathing and listening skills

Welcome to mindful bits and bites from the co-hosts of Connect Inspire Create.

A quick bit of inspiration from Katalin.

Katalin joins us from Lisbon and teaches online yoga classes, as well as workshops and online courses to deal with overwhelm and anxiety.

Her mission is to help women create more balance and space in their lives, so they can thrive doing what they love unapologetically.

Her motto is: Make yourself a priority by doing less and being more. Find out more at and her FearLess course content

I am your host Carol Clegg. As a small business coach, I partner with women solopreneurs in midlife, to confidently step out of overwhelm and create a fresh path to success through tailored accountability and mindset coaching, integrated with the powerful Positive Intelligence program. Struggling with procrastination, finding balance in your business and personal life, and cultivating a positive mindset?

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