Jan. 3, 2023

99 Starting 2023 with Your Eye on the Prize on Susanne Rieker

99 Starting 2023 with Your Eye on the Prize on Susanne Rieker

In this episode we chat about exploring what matters to you as you make decisions for your business and yourself in the new year.

I am joined by my guest today Susanne Rieker

Susanne is a digital expert and business coach, helping yoga teachers and wellness entrepreneurs to build a thriving online business. She’s the host of the Blissful Biz podcast where each week she brings you the productivity tips, online course strategies and mindset shifts that will help you create the business of your dream. When she’s not in her home base (right now that’s Hamburg in Germany) she’s exploring Europe in her campervan with her dog Luna, looking for the most beautiful hiking trails and free wifi so she can work on the road.

Website: https://susannerieker.com/

Other links:https://susannerieker.com/application/

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