Dec. 13, 2022

96: How to Make Progress with Accountability Tools

96: How to Make Progress with Accountability Tools

Accountability is a combination of mindset and the right tools and systems that work for you in alignment with your personal capacity.

We do need to discover the path that suits our learning style and personality. It can take trying a few different methods as it’s certainly not one size fits all!

My method of the 4C's:

  • Clarity - clarity creates the flow of creativity, it can replace confusion with peace and confidence. Once you have clarity you can develop your strategy and then - it's time for action and once you get moving you can celebrate the small steps that you are taking.
  • Commitment - you need to first break things down to decide how and what you want to commit to. Start with making a list of where you are spending your time for a week. Include everything you are doing for self, work, others. 
  • Community - Decide what works for you - is it a Facebook group, LinkedIn group, a mastermind, clubhouse or somewhere you can connect with others that are on the same journey and that you resonate with, that you can feel supported and heard.
  • Coaching

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