July 12, 2022

#77 Choices. How we make them and the ripple effect they create with Carol & Trish

#77 Choices. How we make them and the ripple effect they create with Carol & Trish

The idea that every choice we make in our lives, big and small, leads to the next outcome, the next experience that becomes the story of our life! As well as how each of our choices affects everyone around us, and vice versa. An ongoing ripple effect is created literally worldwide - through the simplest and most mundane of choices we are making every day.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Thinking back over a few of your life choices - what would be different had you chosen a different path
  • With hindsight might you have made a different decision?
  • What brave risks did you take, and can you remember what made you do it, did it work out OK?

We cover mind mapping in this episode.

It was developed as an effective method for generating ideas by association. To create a mind map, you take a nice big blank white sheet of paper - an open canvas! - and in the middle you start with a central theme or a main idea - you write this down in bold ink. From there you work your way outward in all directions like a beautiful spider’s web and you begin to create a growing diagram or MAP of all the keywords, phrases, concepts, facts and figures spinning out from that key central theme. It’s very free-form thinking; a very visual form of brainstorming but with greater structure and visually connecting the dots. You are walking out a plan for that central theme. The possible steps to accomplish it. That’s a mind map in most general terms. Career, personal life path, breaking through a life challenge or setback, new life transitions, breakthrough to greater general wellness, both physical and emotional.

Remember friendships and business connections require input, effort and active steps to keep these relationships thriving and growing.

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