July 5, 2022

#76 Managing Others Expectations of Us with Trish Kinney

#76 Managing Others Expectations of Us with Trish Kinney

Do you communicate your needs? Firmly and clearly? Do you anticipate the needs of your colleagues and inner circle - and set your boundaries accordingly? Most of us do not, or at least we forget! This Bits & Bites shares a few quick habits to get you back in control of your schedule, and protecting your personal wellness!

I’m Trish and I'm a professional life coach with a focus on your best life balance: how good habits like time-blocking to your core values, setting firm boundaries, and learning to say NO can free you up and get you moving on to your next big plan! You can find out more at healthylifemindset.com

Three little words that many of us strive for in our personal and professional lives.
β‡οΈπ‚π¨π§π§πžπœπ­ with good people.
β‡οΈπˆπ§π¬π©π’π«πž others to live their best life.
β‡οΈπ‚π«πžπšπ­πž relationships and opportunities that help lift others up.

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