June 21, 2022

#74 Getting Unstuck by Adopting New Habits with Carol Clegg

#74 Getting Unstuck by Adopting New Habits with Carol Clegg

It might seem paradoxical, but we ourselves can also be a reason for being stuck. Being aware of different aspects of yourself is part of your self-awareness, an ongoing journey.

Healthy habits can also help you to feel more energetic, motivated, inspired, organized and more self-dependent. These positive changes can give you a strong push to get unstuck and move forward with your life.

So here are some ideas I’d like to share

Get Unstuck by 

  • finding a new thing to learn
  • choosing gratitude
  • by decluttering your digital space
  • by making planned time for your business
  • by taking one step to keep moving forward

I’m Carol, an accountability coach helping women entrepreneurs around the globe reach the goals they desire in their business.  I offer consulting packages tailored to find your way through the overwhelm. Visit carolclegg.com

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