Nov. 16, 2021

#43 Should I go into Business with my Best Friend? with Gabrielle Graf Palmer & Sara Lunsford

#43 Should I go into Business with my Best Friend? with Gabrielle Graf Palmer & Sara Lunsford

RomaDrama Live! is the brainchild of best friends and entrepreneurs. Gabrielle Graf Palmer, (an entertainment and sports sponsorship executive), and Sara Lunsford (the “spreadsheet queen and number cruncher” and an ace management consultant). This colossal event was birthed not only in the midst of the pandemic but also at a time when Graf Palmer and Lunsford were experiencing devastating personal losses.

Graf Palmer and Lunsford, who met by chance 26 years ago at the airport in Atlanta when they happened to be dressed identically from head to toe, share a deep bond that has helped them pull through. “I had to lean on Gabrielle to keep the business going and she shouldered much more than her share of the responsibilities,” says Lunsford. “That's what true friendship is. I don't know what I would do without her.”

Read all about their journey in this Forbes article

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