Nov. 2, 2021

#41 Branding and Finding Your Clarity with Suzanne Tulien

#41 Branding and Finding Your Clarity with Suzanne Tulien

Brand Clarity Expert, International Speaker, and Author, Suzanne Tulien, notices the variety of creative ways people are ‘branding’ themselves both consciously and unconsciously.

But, is a successful personal brand the result of powerful marketing? When the hype subsides, what keeps a good personal brand going strong? What is the real secret to personal brand growth and leadership?

With over two and a half decades of strategic communication, employee brand engagement, and internal brand development, Suzanne’s inside-out brand-building strategy creates the clarity and actions necessary for her clients to drive consistency, distinction, and advocacy long-term. 

As the author of The 6 Myths of Small Business Branding and co-author of Brand DNA; Uncover Your Organization’s Genetic Code to Competitive Advantage, also published in China, and her latest book Personal Brand Clarity; Identify, Define, & Align to What You Want to Be Known For…she is helping to pave the transformational highway to grow by conscious, strategic design; not by DEFAULT!

  • Marketing vs branding
  • Authenticity matters
  • Don't follow the pack
  • Don't change what you're doing - change how you talk about it
  • Identify your core values and weave them with your business strategy

As a Solopreneur, YOU are the BRAND of your BUSINESS…

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