Oct. 19, 2021

#39 How is marketing a layered approach with our guest Michelle Hougland

#39 How is marketing a layered approach with our guest Michelle Hougland

This week we are chatting with our guest Michelle Hougland.

Michelle has been a successful online entrepreneur for over 16 years with multiple streams of income.  Out of her desire to help save others from the same pitfalls she encountered early on, Michelle authored her digital ebook: Ebay Consignment "The Easy Way" and she is the online course creator of "Starting your own Successful Ebay Business".  

She has received awards such as Ebay Top Seller and PowerSeller. She has taught on many stages, but her favorite platforms were discovered in January 2020, when she launched her YouTube channel: Paladin Global Market and in August 2020 her podcast that followed: Paladin Global Market's Online Business podcast.

  • Why Youtube - how you can use it to build your biz
  • How to identify broken systems 
  • How is marketing a layered approach
  • How to scale your biz and when to know that you are ready for the next step

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https://www.youtube.com/PaladinGlobalMarket https://www.instagram.com/paladinglobalmarket https://www.facebook.com/PaladinGlobalMarket

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