Aug. 27, 2021

#32 Pause and Patience Mindful Bits and Bites

#32  Pause and Patience Mindful Bits and Bites

Welcome to Mindful Bits and Bites from Connect Inspire Create.

Today's short bite comes from Trish, your Health Life Mindset Coach

Pause and Patience: Taking time out is the right thing sometimes!

What does your routine look like?

  • Shifting
  • Adjusting
  • Accepting

Can you take a pause?

Trish kicks off her next Small Circle Coaching Group on Thursday, September 30. Just 4 women and five sessions that focus on tools for better managing daily anxiety and overwhelm. You’ll find details on her website at

I help successful people manage stress and burnout, and return to their center to enjoy life more fully!

Trish Kinney  Certified Professional Coach Healthy Life Mindset