Aug. 27, 2021

#10 Mindful Bits and Bites: Pause and Patience

#10 Mindful Bits and Bites: Pause and Patience

Welcome to Mindful Bits and Bites from Connect Inspire Create.

Today's short bite comes from Trish, your Health Life Mindset Coach

Pause and Patience: Taking time out is the right thing sometimes!

What does your routine look like?

  • Shifting
  • Adjusting
  • Accepting

Can you take a pause?

Trish kicks off her next Small Circle Coaching Group on Thursday, September 30. Just 4 women and five sessions that focus on tools for better managing daily anxiety and overwhelm. You’ll find details on her website at

I help successful people manage stress and burnout, and return to their center to enjoy life more fully!

Trish Kinney  Certified Professional Coach Healthy Life Mindset