Motivate Mastermind Club

Are you looking for a community to support and encourage you on your entrepreneurial journey, which can feel lonely at times? The Motivate Mastermind Club includes a group of women with whom you can be frank, ask for advice, and brainstorm ideas together. You will find positive energy, encouragement to set realistic goals, and find a new group of entrepreneurial friends for peer support. Together let’s set intentions and strategies for building your audience and marketing your business in 2021 Collaborate, inspire and connect with other women small business owners from around the globe. So much value for $97 per month - look at what's included! EACH MONTH Two 60-minute live mastermind group marketing and planning sessions per month including time for breakout rooms. All the details at


Motivate Mastermind & Wellness Retreat for Women - Portugal

The 10-day Motivate Mastermind Wellness Retreat for Women is designed for women in the early stages of their business journey who are overwhelmed with the opportunities in front of them and feeling stuck. The retreat is a combination of switching things up, getting out of our heads, and setting up the next steps for our businesses. This includes 3 days of Mastermind Group time with HOT SEATS for each participant to brainstorm and get creative input from your peers and find fresh solutions. As your mastermind facilitator I will help you to discover the root causes of overwhelm and learn how to step away from busyness, so you can make real progress on your business goals. We'll also pinpoint the actions you can take to feel like you're making your best progress ever. And after you’ve designed your action plan with support from your peers, we'll relax for 3 days at a countryside wellness centre called Quinta Carvalhas just out


The Resilient Mindset - Small Circle Group Coaching

JOIN 6 WOMEN FOR 4 SESSIONS, WHERE WE’LL COVER… Burnout and anxiety – how it happens and real tools for preventing and managing it. Our core values or “life code” – and learn to set our daily activities to align with them. Practice “power statements” to reduce conflict with others, and learn the benefits of a curious mindset. Create a few new daily practices to reset our focus and remove negative patterns. I’ll be sharing simple, practical steps that can bring some immediate positive change to your daily routine and your general outlook!


Mindset Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring can help you feel supported, deal with a single issue, brainstorm fresh ideas or learn about tools and apps to help you in your business. These sessions can be booked in two packages detailed below Are you overwhelmed with marketing - too many things to do alone - new tools to learn - what tool should I use for this task - I need to simplify my systems - I need to take more time for me ….the list goes on. I would love to help you create a strategy.


3 Tools to Simplify Your Social Media

Do you struggle with showing up on social consistently? In this mini-course I will map out how to simplify the process. Create images, copy, schedule and relax! This will give you time to interact with your audience.